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High Security Fence Palisade Security Fence Steel Rail Fences Chain Link Fence Galvanized Security Fence PVC Coated Steel Fencing Welded Mesh Panel Fence Expanded Metal Fence Fence and Gate System Security Fence Toppings: Barbed Wire Razor Tape Concertina Razor Coils Accessories: Fence Post Fence Staple
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We provide products and services to meet your most specific requirements. We have experienced teams, effective managing system, advanced production technology and producing equipment to offer good and reliable products. We also have research and development department to support you. Whatever your requirement for design, we will come to help.

With good quality, reasonable price and excellent services, We has exported to and are well received by the customers in the USA, the UK, Southeast Asia countries, Singapore, South Korea and other countries.

Why we need fence?
We need fence to keep a safe distance from others and protect our houses, gardens, animals, farms and other properties. A fence give us a sense of being safe and secure. But what is the real meaning of fence? According to some documents, fence is an inclosure about a field or other space, or about any object; especially, an inclosing structure of wood, iron, or other material, intended to prevent intrusion from without or straying from within.

According to this, a welded fence is a metal barrier made with welded wire fabrics.

Xingde High Security Fence Co.
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